Flag Works

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State of Mind

American Iconomics

California Imagination


Banner Trade

Artist Statement

Kogan’s artist heroes sought objects, which are seen and not looked at. Flags are used in environments where communication is challenging and wide-ranging interpretations are often confusing. She remains loyal to bridging the gap, all the while reinterpreting symbolic banners and their untapped ciphers.

In her first “flag art” series, the assemblages were crafted by manipulating assortments of fabrics with rips and layers to achieve their highly textural surfaces. The works transformed the objects, but they did not challenge the convention of the symbols or modify the interpretation. Hence, this became the confront for the second series allowing for the dilution of merely decorative pieces and the creation of conceptually based sociopolitical messages.

I incorporated a mix of my own brand of phrases such as “California Recovery” along with the early Golden State mottos: “Why Not Reinvent Yourself” and “Find Yourself Here”. For the New Republic solo show, the artist integrated U.S. currency, Bolivian coffee sacks, pills, drugs, red sand, and pulled from many elements of rock n’ roll. This departure from her earlier textile work was a visually innovative approach asking the viewer to look deeper and question the message.

The ‘State of Mind’ solo show highlighted substance abuse, patriotism, recycling, and icons — themes, which can provide comfort, into subject matter unable to sustain console. The series emphasized the imagery of modern culture sprinkled with hints of humor and a faint call of distress.

Her series “American Icononics” is another reinvention depicting the flag. By juxtaposing American icons screened and posted onto the American flag with objects that have come to symbolize them in nature, by tragedy, with love and joy and with hate and sadness.