Born, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California


UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Harvard-Radcliffe, Cambridge, MA

Boston University, Boston, MA


Solo Exhibitions

2011                 "American Iconomics", Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA

2008               “Banner Trade”, The Other Room, Venice, CA

2008               “Golden State of Mind”, Ambrogi Castanier Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

2007               “Sanctuary”, American Music Awards, Beverly Hills, CA

2006               “The New Republic”, Jessica Thomas Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 We Rise, produced by Taskforce, DTLA, May 19 - June 10th, 2018

2018 Into Action, Organized by Yosi Sergant and Favianna Rodriguez, DTLA, January 12, 2018

2015             AIDS Project Los Angeles, Bonhams Auction House, Juried by Hamilton-Selway, June 6, 2015

2012             All in for the 99%, ACE Museum, Los Angeles (April 4, 2012)

2012             Arts Project Los Angeles, Juried by Hamilton-Selway Fine Art Gallery (6/29 – 7/1/2012)

2011              GET ART4 Fundraising event for Project Angel Food hosted at Siren Studio (6/2011)

2011              Supersense Juried by Simmy Swinder, Dir., Carmichael Gallery @ LAAA / Gallery 825, (9/9/11) 

2010             Heartbeat of California, Curated by Yosi Sergant, ULTCW Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (5/2010)

2010             GEM Exhibition, Gallery 825 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2010             Wrathful Battle Aspect, Los Angeles Art Association LAAA Gallery 825, Los Angeles

2010             Los Angeles Biennial presented by DCA and LAMAG. Juried by Franklin Sirmans, Curator of                            Contemporary Art at LACMA and Ali Subotnick, Curator at Hammer Museum August 12 -                                  October 3, 2010 at Barnsdall Park in Hollywood.

2010             25th Anniversary Celebration of Art in WEHO, Juried by Howard N. Fox Curator Emeritus of
                     Contemporary Art LACMA, West Hollywood, LA (11/4 – 11/27, 2010) 

2010             Manifest Equality, Hollywood (3/3 – 3/7, 2010)

2010             The Art of Noise, Project One Gallery, San Francisco (2/19 – 2/28, 2010)

2007            Small Wonders III, Juried Exhibition at Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles (12/8-12/22, 2007)

2006            Nations Pride, JessicaThomas Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2005            The Opening, Modern One Gallery, Los Angeles

Selected Civic Art Commissions

2015               Cover of Hearing Book, Hearing of the Joint Committee on the Arts, Sacramento, CA

2010               “Find Yourself”, CA Tourism Commission Tribute to Gov Schwarzenegger, Sacramento, CA

2010               “California ReImagination”, Upward Bound House, Santa Monica, CA

2008               “Do Time at LA’s Best” Mural, Los Angeles, CA

2008               “California Imagination” CAC promotional campaign, Greater CA

Selected Articles and Reviews 

2019 Voyage LA, Meet Jillian Kogan, APRIL 23, 2019

2018 Davis, Genie, Into Action: Art that Brings Power to the People, JAN 28, 2018

2018 Dafoe, Taylor, Artists and Celebrities Unite at INTO ACTION!, Artnet News, JAN 11, 2018

2018 Stromberg, Matt, A Pop-Up Show for Social Justice, Hyperallergic, JAN 8, 2018

2017 Martin, Brittany, Musicians, Athletes, and Activists are Gathering, LA Magazine, MAY 2017

2017 Greenberger, Alex, ‘Into Action’ Pop-Up Show in Los Angeles, Art News DEC 8, 2017

2012                CH Editors, Art + Design in Miami: Comic Aggression, Cool Hunting Blog, DEC 10, 2012

2012                Grist, Julie Art Project LA Auction, Larchmont Buzz, MAY 30, 2015 

2012                Benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles   LA Weekly, 2012

2011                 Galperina, Marina, Take an Eye-Opening "Walk of Art", Flavorwire, SEP. 27, 2011

2010                Ezell, Pamela, “Manifest Equality: Art, Hipness, and Civil Rights for All”, Huff Post, MAY 5, 2010

2010                Roe, Mike, LAAA's 'Gem' Exhibition, 89.33 KPCC, Without a Net, APRIL 27. 2010

2010                Young-Wolff, Colin, Vote for Love: Manifest Equality Art Show”, LA Weekly, MAR 4, 2010

2010                Berrin, Danielle, “The Next Moguls?”, THE JEWISH JOURNAL, JAN 5, 2010

2009                De Vargas, Vanessa, “Trending”, APARTMENT THERAPY, FEB 13, 2009

2008               "California Imagination" Flag Released on Capitol Steps on Flag Day, June 14, JUNE 12, 2008

2008               LA’s BEST, City Leaders Complete Mural Project at Site of New Detention Center, JUL 10, 2008

2008              Willam-Ross, Lindsay, "Celebrate the Flag(s) and Freedom!, Laist, JUNE 14, 2008

2008              Melcon, Mel “New Mural promotes after-school program” LA Times, JUL 4, 2010

2008              Williams, Janette “A Bear of Diversity”, Pasadena Star News, APR 2008

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2005              Keeps, David, “It’s Still the Address of Glam” LA Times, JUL 14, 2005


MOCA Contemporaries, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Arts Association, Los Angeles, CA